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Communications and Newspaper Articles Published


Candidates Endorsed for July 31, 2012 Run-Off Election 

We applaud Governor Perry veto - Comptroller Combs should resign her position

Mexico Imposes Higher Tariffs on U.S. Products. Restricting Mexican trucks will hurt American consumers.  

Obama. A change in the wrong direction as done in the past

Candidates Endorsed for November 2008 Election 

Rule suspends the importation of Apples thru Reynosa ; Mexican custom actions are all prohibited by NAFTA  

Candidates Endoresed  for November 2006 Election 


Entry and Exit Controls (US-VISIT)  BTA      


Hutchison announces funding for I-69      


The Worst Candidates

John Cornyn received the 2004 “Spirit of Enterprise” Award

Accused Mexican Customs chief flees - The Monitor   ( McAllen, Texas )  August 21, 1995